Pokemon Go Update Brings Back Throw XP, Revamped Nearby Pokemon Feature


Update available on both App Store and Google Play
Bug for not getting XP for landing a better throw fixed
Nearby Pokemon feature is being tested with a subset of users
Last week, an update to augmented reality hit game Pokemon Go brought about a couple of unwanted changes – it not only removed the broken nearby feature, but also had a bug that didn’t award users for landing a better throw. An update to the game, released late Monday night for both Android and iOS, promises to solve that and more.

According to developer Niantic, the update – v1.3.0 on the App Store and v0.33.0 on Google Play – also introduces a warning for people playing the game in a car while travelling above a particular speed. Just like with the navigation app Waze, you will be served with a dialogue box asking you to confirm that you’re not the driver.