Apple Offers Big Cash Rewards for Help Finding Security Bugs


Apple is offering rewards up to $200,000 to find security flaws
Apple announced its bug bounty programme at Black Hat conference
All other tech firms already have their own bug bounty programmes running
Apple Inc said it plans to offer rewards of up to $200,000 (roughly Rs. 1.3 crores) to researchers who find critical security bugs in its products, joining dozens of firms that already offer payments for help uncovering flaws in their products.

The maker of iPhones and iPads provided Reuters with details of the plan, which includes some of the biggest bounties offered to date, ahead of unveiling it on Thursday afternoon at the Black Hat cyber-security conference in Las Vegas.

The programme will initially be limited to about two dozen researchers who Apple will invite to help identify hard-to-uncover security bugs in five specific categories.

Those researchers have been chosen from the group of experts who have previously helped Apple identify bugs, but have not been compensated for that work, the company said.

The most lucrative category, which offers rewards of up to $200,000, is for bugs in Apple’s “secure boot” firmware for preventing unauthorised programs from launching when an iOS device is powered up.

Apple said it decided to limit the scope of the programme at the advice of other companies that have previously launched bounty programs.